business email compromise

Business Email Compromise (BEC) Support

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a type of cybercrime using email to fraudulently convince companies to make unauthorised payments to criminals.

Criminals attempt to impersonate executives and managers within a organisation and pressurise staff to make payments or transfer company funds.

BEC & CEO Fraud

Also known as CEO Fraud, this scam is exceptionally simple in its method and is one of the most lucrative forms of cybercrime for hackers. Often conducted without the need for technical skills; hackers are capable of circumventing even the most expensive and complex company security systems with just an email.

LNDSR BEC Services

Active Attack Support

Assist you during an active & ongoing Business Email Compromise (BEC) attempt.

Staff Training

Help your staff understand the anatomy of BEC, learn how to spot phishing mails & campaigns and guidance on how to respond.

Counter-party Communication

Help alerting banks, vendors and suppliers in the event your company suffers financial loss from an attack.

Law Enforcement Liaison

LNDSR will guide you through informing the relevant Police Cyber Crimes units and Govt Action Fraud Teams.

Incident Shutdown & Reporting

Steering your organisation to close down an attack, collection of information & data as well as building a robust incident report to be used as evidence.

Policy Review

Thorough review of company policies, removing opportunities for your internal processes to be used against your own organisation in an attack.

Attack Radar

Early Warning System – Alerting on signs fraudsters are looking to attack your company.


Review your usage of email within your organisation & guide you on technologies to help detect BEC attacks.

BEC Threat in the UK

Email fraud costs businesses millions each year.

Among other national security services around the world, both the FBI and the NCSC in the UK have identified this risk as the largest financial threat to businesses of all sizes.

UK crime statistics reveal approx 15k incidents of social media & email cyber crime reported throughout 2020. Notably, this counts for approx half of all cyber based crimes reported throughout the UK for the last 13 months – costing businesses and individuals an estimates £10 million.

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