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Cyber Essentials

Commissioned by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Cyber Essentials is a program to assist businesses implement the basics of cyber security within their organisation.

LNDSR’s Consultancy service assists your organisation to attain the Cyber Essentials certification with a choice of two service channels.

What Is Cyber Essentials ?

Developed by the NCSC, the Cyber Essentials model ensures businesses of all sizes and complexities understand and deliver the base security controls required to trade safely in the world today.

The standard itself is overseen by IASME who, through their certification bodies work with companies to baseline a common set of security controls and practices.

Why Do I Need Cyber Essentials ?

Being certified to the Cyber Essentials standard sets your organisation and employees mindset in the right direction.

Ensuring compliance to the standard demands implementation of basic security measures and processes that improve the security posture of your enterprise and safeguard you from the exploitation vectors used in over 98.5% of the cyber crimes reported to law enforcement.

LNDSR works with organisations of all sizes seeing the value and benefits of Cyber Essentials. We consult at clients with global footprints and a workforce of over 60,000 – down to small businesses and sole traders with only a single member of staff.

How Do I Get Certified ?

Getting started is quick and simple with LNDSR.

We offer two channels to help businesses get on track and gain the Cyber Essentials Certification.

IASME Consortium

What Are The Advantages Of Cyber Essentials Certification ?

There are many real tangible advantages to pursuing Cyber Essentials Certification, ranging from staff security awareness through to your organisation receiving free cyber security insurance. We discuss the advantages in more detail below.

Customer Assurance

Provide assurance to your customer base that security is a priority within your organisation. Your ongoing commitment to the Cyber Essentials program often acts as a positive differentiator, separating you from your competitors when customers are comparing who they should do business with.

Certification Listing

Your organisation will be listed on the NCSC & IASME Cyber Essentials Certified companies. This list is publicly searchable, and is visible to prospective customers.

Eligibility For Government Contracts

The UK requires that at all its suppliers and sub-contractors are Cyber Essentials Certified. This will allow your business to become eligible to partner and bid for central and local government contracts, tenders and funding.

£25k Free Business Cyber Insurance

Once your business is certified, you will be able to apply for Business Cyber Insurance worth up to £25,000 covering damages, legal fees and recovery.

Independent Security Verification

You’ll have the ability to demonstrate to existing and prospective customers that your security controls have been reviewed by an independent external party. Not only does this provide an additional level of credibility; internally it may also highlight areas that your teams might not have considered.

Increased Security Awareness

Working through the Cyber Essentials Assessment helps companies and staff understand the key security areas targeted by attackers and the controls that can mitigate exploitation.

Increased Security Posture

Cyber Essentials Certification will naturally lead an improved security posture in most cases. Many companies often take this step and seek to advance their countermeasures.

Reduce Cyber Risk

Certification and adherence to the Cyber Essentials principles addresses the key deficiencies observed in over 98% of reported cyber crimes in the UK. Continual compliance with these, will dramatically reduce your cyber risk exposure.

LNDSR offers two service channels for companies to get Cyber Essentials Certified:

Cyber Essentials Serviced

With Cyber Essentials Serviced, LNDSR takes your business from Zero to Certified. Our consultancy team will work with you to understand your current security posture and how well prepared you are for the Cyber Essentials Assessment.

From here, we work alongside your teams to get all elements of your company in shape, meeting all the requirements to pass the Cyber Essentials Assessment and qualify for the accompanying Cuber Insurance offering.

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Cyber Essentials Assessment

If your business is ready for the Cyber Essentials Assessment or if you are just looking to renew your existing certification, LNDSR will take you through the assessment process directly and quickly.

Start Your Assessment Process

Get Cyber Essentials Certified

If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we can help you start your certification journey today.